Invicta Speedway Mens Watch 9223
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Invicta Speedway Mens Watch 9223



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Stainless steel case with a stainless steel bracelet. Unidirectional stainless steel bezel with tachymeter. Black dial with tritnite luminous hands and stick hour markers. Minute markers around the outer rim. Luminescent hands and dial markers. Date display between the 4 and 5 o'clock positions. Chronograph - three sub-dials displaying: 60 seconds, 60 minutes and 24 hours. Japanese quartz movement. Scratch resistant mineral crystal. Triple screw down crown. Screw down stainless steel case back. Case diameter: 43 mm. Case thickness: 10.2 mm. Deployment clasp. Water resistant at 200 meters / 660 feet. Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, date, chronograph, tachymeter. Invicta Speedway Mens Watch 9223.

Product Details:
Product Length: 5.91 inches
Product Width: 5.91 inches
Product Height: 5.91 inches
Package Length: 4.7 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 3.8 inches
Package Weight: 0.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 206 reviews
Watch Information:
Crystal Material: Mineral
Clasp: fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Case Diameter: 40 mm
Case Thickness: 12 unknown-units
Case Material: stainless-steel
Band Material: stainless-steel
Bezel Material: stainless-steel
Dial Color: black
Movement: japanese-quartz
Calendar: Date
Water Resistance Depth: 660 feet
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 206 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

54 of 55 found the following review helpful:

5Rolex design/quality without Rolex prices!!!Sep 03, 2005
By A. Jourdan
Just received this stunning Invicta Speedway chronograph today, and I must say that I'm genuinely impressed. This black-faced watch crafted in solid stainless steel has exceeded my expectations for any timepiece at the $130 price point. For starters, the watch comes housed in a bright yellow box with black lettering and logo on the top. Once open, the Speedway greets you while wrapped around a velvet-like pillow of the same case color (real classy).

Finding the owner's manual and warranty papers is kinda tricky...they are hidden behind the 'ceiling' panel of the box. The manual instructions are broad, but I didn't have any problems getting the watch started....ON WITH THE WATCH!!!

The Speedway's heft is good...does not feel cheap or loose at all. You can really feel the weight of the center-piece. The links are solid and brushed stainless steel, while the center has a polished effect. The clasp locks securely and has no obvious weaknesses.

I chose the 9223 because of the high degree of contrast between the subdials, tick marks, and face. The polished stationary bezel greatly complements the silver subdials, which with the 9223 face, add a pleasing pop...even from far. Engraving all around the watch is superb.

Movement of the watch, so far, seems to be right on the money. Although the sweep of the second hand is not entirely in line with the tick marks, timing is adequate as far as I know.

Overall, this watch is a great deal for the price, and I don't think you can get quality like this with any other brand without shelling out hundreds or thousands more.

53 of 55 found the following review helpful:

2Mixed BagAug 21, 2010
By ddi46
I really wanted to like this watch, but instead, I'm disappointed. I had a list of features I wanted and I'll go through those as a guide for others with my reaction on each.

1. Good looking? Definitely! As noted by other reviewers, there is a strong resemblance to one of the Rolex models. I would add that it also is very reminiscent of the Omega Speedmaster. This model's looks are what drew me to it in the first place. Not too thrilled about the radiating lines on the face however -- they detract from the classic look of the watch.

2. Solid construction? Yes. Band and case are substantial and the watch has a good weight -- it "feels" like a significantly more expensive watch.

3. Chronograph? Here's where it all falls apart. The Speedway has what I would characterize as a "partial chronograph feature". It looks like a full-featured chronograph -- start and stop buttons, sweep second hand, and 3 sub-dials on its face. Problem is, it's only partly functional as a chronograph. You have to unscrew the start and stop buttons in order to use the chronograph features (I understand it is designed this way to maintain watertight integrity - at least that's what Invicta says). You need to "zero" the hands on the sub-dials before you use the "chronograph" feature. Mine wouldn't, no matter what I did. (I should point out that I have another Invicta chronograph and I had no problem activating and zeroing it, so this may have been a defective sample - which is why I returned it.) The sweep second hand does not work as part of the chronograph -- only the second and minute sub-dials work in this mode. The hour sub-dial just keeps plugging along in 24-hour mode.

4. Warranty? Invicta offers one, but I would suggest you go the company's web site and read it THOROUGHLY before purchasing. The way I read the warranty, if you have ANY work done on the watch by other than an "authorized Invicta dealer", the warranty is void - this appears to even include a battery change. My take on the Invicta warranty? Invicta will be happy to address your needs if you: a) ship the watch back to Invicta at your cost; b) pay for Invicta to return it to you; and c) pay Invicta's charge for actually performing whatever service you need. BTW - have you tried to find an "authorized Invicta dealer"? They all seem to be "discount" sales outlets: Amazon, ShopNBC, etc. And I'd bet those companies are not in the repair business.

Overall, if you: a) want a good looking watch; b) don't need or want a fully functioning chronograph; and c) could care less about warranty work, this is your watch. Otherwise, I'd think twice.

45 of 48 found the following review helpful:

5Would give this 6 stars if I couldJun 22, 2011
By TheyCallMeMacGyver
My purchase of this watch was the result of a lot of investigation, comparison, and interviews. I wasn't sure this was the watch for me, but Amazon's price was too good to pass up. Now that I've had the watch 2 days, I can say without reservation that I LOVE it. It is a classy yet sporty watch. To me the watch face is timeless (no pun intended). Previous to my purchase of this watch, my wife had been telling me it was time to get a "man's" watch implying that my cheapy Casio needed to be retired. She suggested this watch. She made a good choice. Now on to some specifics. Firstly, I uploaded a number of pictures, so take a look at them as well as the comments. I'll reproduce some of the comments here. The actual measurements of the watch are: 43 mm wide, and 12 mm thick. I've read all kinds of measurements everywhere else on the Internet, but I am confident with my measurements. For what its worth, I measured the circle of the watch face, and that measurement alone is 38 mm. And I also measured how far the largest button (the center one) protrudes past the circle, and that measurement is 5 mm. So again, the total outside measurement at its widest point is 43 mm. Also, while shopping for this watch, I noticed that a number of pictures made the watch face appear gray, not black. In reality, the face is glossy black. The reason the watch face appears gray in certain photos is because of the "texture" on the watch face. I think the texture adds a lot of character, and depending on the angle, the texture is more or less pronounced. Overall the watch feels hefty, but not excessively so. It truly feels solid. The stainless steel casing and band is eye-catching. Again, depending on the angle, the watch may shine more brilliantly because of the various stainless steel components. As for resizing the band, that wasn't difficult at all but note that there are no instructions on how to do that. I simply found a few videos on Youtube. You'll need some basic tools (essentially a very very skinny nail, slightly thicker than a needle, a small hammer, and small pliers). Note that the stock Amazon picture of this watch doesn't match the one I bought. There are some slight, and probably meaningless differences. Firstly, the Invicta symbol on the watch face, at the top, is not a flat white imprint, but it is a fine outline. As for the numbers around the outside bezel, on mine they are embossed, the font is narrow and small, whereas on the Amazon stock photo they appear to be thick and stamped or printed on the surface. On Amazon's photo there is a small cutaway on the outside bezel. Mine has no cutaway, its a full complete unbroken ring all the way around. The hands on my watch are not as thick as the ones in Amazon's picture, but they are still very easy to see. And lastly, the window opening for the date on my watch is closer to the edge whereas on the Amazon photo it retreats ever so slightly more towards the center of the watch. I definitely prefer the version I have vs. the one illustrated by Amazon. And I hope this review is helpful and if you end up buying this item I hope you enjoy it.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Super ValueDec 01, 2008
By R. Bishop "TimeTraveler"
I currently have over 30 watches in my collection. They vary greatly in manufacturer and pricing. This is my first Invicta and I purchased it due to it being simular in design to the Rolex Daytona. I am impressed with the watch and it has already become one of my favorate watches for everyday use. The hands are fairly plain but easy to read. More detail in the hands would have made this a five star in my humble opinion but overall this is a supper value for the price.

26 of 34 found the following review helpful:

2Invicta = JunkJun 22, 2011
By Amazon Customer
This watch lasted me about 6 months. Here's how it works when you buy an Invicta watch: You really want a prestigious Swiss dress watch, but frankly you think even $100 is a lot of money to spend on a watch, and the kind of prestige brand you want (which you likely know nothing about anyway) costs thousands of dollars. Invicta says its a Swiss company, its logo looks Swiss, you buy it, and write a glowing review because in person it still looks really similar to the Rolex/Omega/Tag/ect you wish you were rich enough to easily afford. You probably lay it on kind of thick about the "quality engineering" of your "luxury time piece" as well. If you do nothing but wear the watch with a suit when you go to weddings and funerals, you continue to be very satisfied as it looks really nice. If you subject it to even a moderate level of stress (like say take it in the ocean a couple of times) it most likely does not even last the year, but you aren't out that much money so you probably aren't that upset and probably won't review it very harshly even then.

The actual Invicta Story: Invicta began as an actual Swiss company that made inexpensive watches, but like many Swiss watch makers they got caught in the quartz boom of the 70's and went bankrupt in around 1980. The company was bought for the name/logo by some American investors who opened a headquarters with someone manning phones in Florida, and now they sell nice looking watches that are assembled somewhere in mainland China by laborers who must be exceedingly ill paid even by the standards of that country. The movements are actually manufactured by reputable companies, the Japanese ones are from Miyota (Citizen), and the ones that say "Swiss" are from an "outside" Swiss supplier, typically Ronda, who may make decent parts themselves, but who are also shut out from most of the biggest makers by ETA's chokehold on the Swiss market, and therefore are not able to be as picky about how end users encase their movements as ETA is

[*Note previously in this review I wrote that "Swiss" Invictas contain ETA movements, this is always or nearly always WRONG, I apologize if I confused anyone with my mistake].

Some Invictas actually say "Swiss Made", but this is an outright lie, those watches are assembled in China and the company's justification for this is "They are made to Swiss standards from "Swiss Parts", and "By a Swiss company". The problem is Invicta doesn't build to "Swiss Standards" recognized by anyone else, and even if you start out with quality raw movements and finish and encase them carelessly (which is how my experience with this brand indicates they treat their products), you'll still end up with an unreliable watch of suspect quality. Besides, even the "Swiss Parts" claim on their part might be a little sketchy. Anyway, in short, Invicta is a company that employs some decent designers, but does not produce good merchandise. Not surprisingly, they fail to stand behind this merchandise. If you skip to the 1 star reviews listed for a particular Invicta model, you will most likely find a few stories mentioning how watches sent in for repair frequently break again a week or 2 later, how you have to spend $20 to ship an $80 watch in for repair while still under warranty, how wait times stretch out to 6 months or even a year. Invicta's servicing policies have earned them an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. And just so we're clear, this is specifically NOT how a reputable watchmaker behaves whether its luxury giant Rolex (a lot of who's resale value rests on the fact that they service their products pretty reliably all over the place), the giant SWATCH Group, Japanese giants Seiko and Citizen, or even a good boutique watch maker like Reactor, Marcello C, or Chris Ward. Real watch companies stand behind their product. Throwaway watch makers treat their warranties the way Invicta does because they know virtually no one pays the MSRP for their product, and when they fail, people won't be out enough money to be upset.

Finally my personal experience with Invicta and this specific watch: This was my 3rd Invicta, and the first I bought with my own money (previous 2 were gifts). I'd owned 2 different 3 dial Invicta moon watches, which were probably a few hundred a piece when purchased. The original kept good time, but half the complications were broken right out of the box. Within about a year it stopped altogether. My father then gave me his (identical) watch, which needed a battery replacement after about 6 months, but was otherwise ok. Then I bought this one for $68 because it was cool looking, and hey it only cost $68. I got what I paid for, or maybe a little less. I caught the face on a door frame and badly bent one of the spring clips (part that holds the band to the frame). A month or 2 after that, the spring clip failed while I was standing on a concrete floor, I lost that clip, and a link besides, and smashed the crystal. At that point fixing the watch would have cost more than replacing it, so I just threw it in the trash.

At this point, the reader might think that I hate Invicta as a company, but that's not really true. I think these watches have their place, but as you can tell, it does bother me that so many people are misleading fellow consumers as to the true worth of the product. On the good side Invicta certainly can make an attractive watch: they are jewelry in the truest sense of the word. I'd highly recommend one if you want something on your wrist that makes you happy when you look at it because its pretty, and don't want to spend a lot of money. It bugs me slightly that you can buy a watch at the drug store that will keep better time for longer, but a drugstore watch won't look as good or "feel" as dressy. I do NOT recommend using this brand for an actual sport watch however. Finally, I'd avoid bragging about how a watch like this is "better" than a Rolex. Its not. The price tag certainly makes it more practical than a Rolex for almost all of us, and whether a Rolex/Zenith/Omega/Brietling is really "better" than say a Citizen Eco drive is kind of debatable just like its kind of debatable whether a hand made 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II is really "better" than a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria LX Sport, but believe me no matter how cool looking your Invicta is, you will make a serious watch collector roll their eyes into next week comparing this to an actual expensive Swiss watch. Now, with your expectations properly tempered, if you order, I hope you enjoy this watch. It is really cool looking, and Amazon, which is an honest retailer, rightly told Invicta where to stick their MSRP. Happy shopping.

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